Thursday, October 15, 2015

Senior Scam Alert

Although now retired as Canada's longest-serving mayor, the redoubtable Hazel McCallion continues her life of public service:

Meanwhile, over at Don Martin's Power Play, watch the first two minutes of his questioning of Monte Solberg defending Harper's hypocrisy of having well-known crack-user Rob Ford and his brother Doug at his rally in Etobicoke while his government keeps telling Canadians how dangerous drugs are. You will notice that Martin can't conceal his contempt for Solberg's response. Then go to the five-minute mark to watch the former Con MP defend the despicable ads being run in ethnic media:

These acts of desperation will not save Harper this time around, I predict.


  1. It reeks of desperation recalling the Tory ads mocking Chretien's facial problem as 'talking out of both sides of his mouth.' That backfired quickly but the Tories of that time apologized almost immediately albeit too late. Harper won't apologize and his Reformer cadre will back him up.

    By the by, I had a long chat last night with my oldest (senior?) Ottawa Tory buddy last night. He didn't mention how he was voting but said he knew plenty of old-stock Conservatives in his area who won't vote for Harper next week. I'm told they're fed up with Harper's 'above the law' approach to governance and his contempt for the Charter of Rights. They want him gone - for good. As for reclaiming the Tory brand for the PC faction he figures that'll still be an uphill battle but it will be contested once Harper is gone.

    The shocker was his suggestion that Harper might not resign should he lose and his caucus is so cowed that they might not even try to force him out. Hard to imagine. I'd still bet on an in-house bloodbath. I got the impression that the Diefenbaker/Stanfield contingent are concerned that the Reformers may redouble their efforts to keep their hold on the party, following the path of the extremists that currently plague America's Republicans.

    1. People who wield influence rarely want to give it up willingly, Mound. A sound electoral defeat would, however, concentrate their minds wonderfully, I suspect.