Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Meat For The Conservative Base

... is, I hope, indigestible for the rest of us.
At Sunday's Calgary-Signal Hill all-candidates debate, Conservative candidate Ron Liepert responded to criticisms of the Conservatives' controversial Bill C-51 by suggesting "civil liberties" and "freedom" are not the most pressing issues facing the country in light of "criminal activities."

"I know there's a whole group of people including a couple of the speakers here tonight who talk about civil liberties and about the freedom of having the right to pretty much choose to do what you like," Liepert told voters.

"Folks, that's not the country we live in."

This was not Liepert's first foray into absurdist pronouncements. Last year, he told CBC Radio that supporters of solar and wind energy are "extremists" who live in a "dream world."

It is is hard to understand how the Harper base can feel proud of supporting such patent idiots unless, of course ....


  1. Another bat shit crazy Reformer from a bat shit crazy province. Alberta used to be separate from Canada, right? Why did we change that? Can we change it back?

    1. Mind you, Anon, the fact that they elected an NDP provincial government may suggest there is reason for hope.