Monday, June 8, 2015

Human Rights Watch Says Bill C-51 Violates Charter Of Rights

How can it be that everyone else is wrong, and the Harper regime alone holds the truth about the necessity of Bill C-51 to keep us safe?


  1. Harper isn't alone on this. He has Junior's backing for which the Libs have again been consigned to the cellar where they can do the least harm. Jeebus, Lorne, have you got your Green Party card yet?

    1. That's very true, Mound. I read Owen's blog this morning referencing Michael Harris and his observations about how Harper maybe outsmarted himself by maneuvering Justin to support Bill C-51 and inadvertently allowing Mulcair to take the progressive lead.

      As for the Green Party, my respect for Elizabeth May is deep, but you can guess what I am going to say: in my neck of the woods, her party has no chance.


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