Saturday, June 21, 2014

World Pride: Our Pride

While it is never good to feel smug or self-satisfied (we've seen where that takes the right wing), there are things about which we should feel very good. Although I do not live in Toronto, as I was watching the news last night covering the opening of the 10-day World Pride Festival being hosted in that city, I said to my wife that it really is something that we should all feel proud about. The fact that Toronto, and indeed Canada as a whole, is looked upon as a place where diversity is embraced is a measure of our potential for growth as a species.

I was struck by the essential truth in the words of Mr. Gay World, Christopher Olwage, who said, "It should just be a matter of being human and respecting that fact."

As well, those of Christopher Wee, Mr. Gay Canada: “It shows how progressive we are in Canada and in Toronto about our human rights direction and the LGBT direction.”

No one would dispute that we are deeply flawed. A recent trip to The Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta reminded me once again of what an incredibly small space we occupy on the timeline of earth's evolution. So many species came before us, and so many will continue after we are gone. Yet there are days when I think that were our world not so environmentally imperiled, making our own continuation very questionable, we really could evolve into something quite special.


  1. "No one would dispute that we are deeply flawed."

    How are we deeply flawed, Lorne?

    You should have told us that you were a bible thumper creationist in you blog. Good day.

    1. Your conflation of my observation of the fact that we are deeply flawed with creationism is unwarranted, Anon. One need hold no particular theology or belief to simply use the evidence of our own senses to observe an essential truth about ourselves. Within our own society and in so many parts of the world, our violence against each other in its many forms is irrefutable proof that we are flawed, that too often the purely instinctual drives of our animal nature prevail.

      My point in the blog post is that we, as a species, clearly have the potential for growth, if we have the evolutionary time needed for such a formidable task.

  2. Lorne, Harper is working on it. The Temporary Foreign Workers program by Harper government shows how much he cares about human rights - shame.

    1. Indeed, LD, in Harperworld only the favoured few enjoy the beneficence of his regime.