Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On

Now, for my weekly edition of nutty evangelicals, I thought I would give Pat Robertson a break and offer you this:


  1. Oh My! It looks like God stuck something on her cheek!
    OMG!!! It must be the Mark of Cain!
    (or maybe the Mark of the Auntie-Christ or sumthin')

    1. LOL, Dan. I suppose it could also be the beginning of a series of boils similar to the ones Job was afflicted with.

  2. If predicting severe weather events makes one a "prophet" I wonder what you have to do to qualify for "messiah"? This demonstrates the incredible success the right has had in dumbing down America. Professor and culture pundit Henry Giroux recently had a piece on America's era of public stupidity published in AlterNet. The most important point Giroux makes is that none of this has happened by accident. There are no flukes. This has been very carefully crafted and orchestrated to achieve very targeted results.

    Andrew Bacevich in "The New American Militarism" chronicles the ascendancy of America's Christian fundamentalists into partnership with radical right politics and the new military/industrial/corporate warfighting complex. They are seamlessly integrated into that structure now. We treat these people as whack jobs at our peril.