Friday, June 7, 2013

PMO Slush Funds, Defecting Tories, The Prime Prevaricator's Diction And Deflection Tactics

These are the main topics discussed on last night's At Issue panel:

BTW, Parliament rises in about a week. I hope the weather for Harper and his many enablers continues to be hot and uncomfortable, with heavy storms in the fall.


  1. .. get Shorty .. OK .. get them Shorties ! .. But who are the 'Shorties' ??
    You know .. all those guys, and as John Baird states it, bright women aussi.. who roam the halls of Parliament, in short pants.. minding our bidness for us .. defending Harper Konada & passing out muzzles to scientists, voters while collecting up to, or more than 44,000.00 .. some of these Harper Policy Stars even described as 'senior advisors'

    Just who are these brilliant experts on fracking and tar sands, Chinese LNG & diluted bitumen tanker specification, littoral coast navigation & tug boats, the wonder girl/boys that 'know' or are told what's good for The First Nations, our environment.. and why the Ekonomy of Harper Konada uber alles must be swallowed.. ulp .. accepted.. embraced

    Who is/are the un-named incognito, unelected cadre of buffoons that commune with and hire live & robocall purveyors, data miners, salmon farmer advocates, F-35 contractors, experts, Boron & Radon & Asbestos analysts .. ??

    Can we identify these piggy stalwarts who stand against anything United Nations or First Nations, grasslands remediation, ozone reparation, the Boreal.. while standing (out of sight) in defense of thugs, mugs n dregs the likes of Bruce Carson, Duffy, Peter Peneshue or Dean Del Mastro.

    I'm sorry .. I hadn't realized or accepted or been bribed or programmed or paid off handsomely, to believe that in Canada .. we hold elections so that our federal MP's that survive or thrive in toxic fraudulent electoral conditions.. can later congregate in the Commons & be told or whipped exactly on what to do or say .. by a secretive convoy, coven or cadre or compost heap of unelected dweebs, apparatchiks..

    I've suggested in the past, on a number of very admirable political blogs, that the entire collection of these dirtbag pseudo econo-missed, intell-nauts, data miners, wannabe's, zealots, flunkies, creeps, watchers, minders.. and their elected or unelected employers .. etc are a very finite group of approx less than 1500 .. and that includes the drizzle of so called 'Conservative Party' phonies that drift via ozmosis between government and party skins.

    Yes we pay all of them dammit ! Do you think Nigel Wright pays them out of pocket !! Or Preston Manning ? Or Colleen Harper ?

    Yes folks, we do outnumber them .. we can identify them as they flock to work or slither from the tar sand tailings ponds, or congregate at The Manning Center, or the Fraser Center, or the Langevin Block or CPC Central hive.. Even the 'Exalted Ones' such as Stephen Lecce, Jenni Byrne .. who tend to the queen bee ... & new hybrid emperor.. Stevie/Ray

    Yes, yes.. we can't be told what they earn.. new legislation prevents that. But.. why can't we at least identify who they are, who they work for , answer to, their credentials, their track record - accomplishments if any .. and get a tiny insight into approx how much Canada pays them.. to screw us over or muzzle us, data-mine or troll us, or P on us, or befuddle us, or kiss the corporatist butt that hired them..

    Is this what we are churning out at universities across Canada .. cheap shot degrees in Political Science with minors in bullshite, robofraud, suppression, disinformation & deflection ...

    All hail our up and coming crop of politicians ????? No glowing hearts there... that's for sure.. And not a single 'stand on guard for thee' in the upper crust of parliamentary antediluvians and lower life forms either .. as they try to navigate the entire country to some sort of Rapture blended Petro Stupor Power State adoring of Israel & China .. in no particular order

    1. As always, Salamander, you raise some very good questions and points. It would seem that the darkness cloaking these many enablers and agents of the government's misbegotten agenda is the appropriate milieu within which to perpetrate their nefarious deeds.