Thursday, June 6, 2013

Party Puppet: House of Commons Speaker Andrew Scheer

And it is not difficult to figure out who is pulling his strings.


  1. If someone could find a way to publicly hammer away at Sheer's credibility so that Joe Sixpack sees it, perhaps something will happen.

    Trouble is, people will then see that their worst fears have come true: Parliament is corrupt from top to bottom.

    I don't think anyone could ever have said that Peter Milliken, former speaker, was not neutral at all times.

    Your opinion? _________

    1. This would never have been an issue under Peter Milliken. This so called law and order party does not believe the rules should apply to them. Shameful!

    2. And that, Anon, is the crux of the problem, isn't it? Those with the arrogance to believe they are above the rules by which others are expected to abide are clearly unfit to govern.

  2. I think, Anon, that the Harper cabal has brought politics and democracy to new lows, the corruption of the House Speaker's role just one more sad example of how much damage the man and his supporters have done to the health of our country.

    As for a more general awareness of these facts, I think all we can do is to spread the message as widely as possible. It is good to see that the press has, at least for the moment, rediscovered its role as an essential part of democracy, but I do fear they will return to their largely quiescent state once the sensationalism of current scandal and corruption dies down.