Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Grim Reminder Of Who Is Leading Our Country

It's a dreary rainy morning in my part of the country, so this rather grim reminder of present political realities seems appropriate if one is familiar with the notion of pathetic fallacy.

H/t Scott Monette


  1. .. ces't fantastique .. the video, that is ... !

    About 150 to 200, or even more of these, continually showering down
    like a gentle antitoxin rain.. via the web, twitter, email, public places..
    would be good for the soul, the country .. the citizens and voters !

    I don't see them as anti government 'attack ads' .. far from it ..
    Its more like they're priceless, informative and positive antidotes
    to the daily fork tongue snake bites and dark depressive lies and failures

    If The Harper Government can perpetrate its Question Period
    and House of Commons and PMO Monty Python theatre of the absurd
    then they should 'get it' when it get thrown back in their smug faces ..

    1. Given the apparently notoriously short memory of the electorate, Salamander, I like your suggestion of the need for regular reminders of the dark forces currently at the helm. While we will never convince the ideologues, the fact is that many are simply uninformed about what is really going on. Whatever can be done to change that has my support!