Friday, May 24, 2013

A Little Something For Your Friday Consideration

We are about to go out exploring downtown Edmonton, so just a little something for your viewing pleasure today. It might be useful to bear in mind the context within which this should be viewed, the decision by Mike Duffy in 2008 to show the false starts and stops of Stephane Dion, then the Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, a decision that some say was a significant contributing factor in the Liberal electoral woes that ensued.

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council found that CTV Atlantic violated the Radio Television News Directors Association Code of Ethics in a broadcast on October 9, 2008:

The CBSC has concluded that CTV violated Article 8 of the Code, regarding decency, consideration and conduct, for broadcasting the interview outtakes after it had said that it would not do so.

Hmm... decency, consideration, conduct - seems like the now disgraced Seantor Duffy learned nothing from the decision.

H/t Chrisine Reid, Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper


  1. Mr. Dion has problem with English language as he did not understand the question of CTV's Steve Murphy’s question. What is Harper’s problem? Mike Duffy should be crying.

  2. No doubt, LeDaro, at least the disgraced senator and former bogus journalist will by now have shed a few tears over his master's abandonment of him.