Tuesday, July 3, 2012

On Austerity and Hippos

I often think that governments, especially our current federal one, hold the people they 'serve' in absolute contempt, regarding us as little more than Pavlovian creatures who will respond in a predictable and desired way if we are given just the right stimulus. Tell us the economic apocalypse is fast approaching, invoke the example of Greece as our future UNLESS we all submit to the discipline of austerity measures, and we are all expected to fall in line, nodding grimly but compliantly at the harsh measures needed 'to ensure our future.'

Government propaganda has worked countless times in the past. Why should now be any different?

Well, maybe it will work as usual, but in times past we have not had the kind of unbridled access to information that the Internet has made possible. If we are gullible once more, then it has to be by choosing to remain woefully ignorant.

One of the best sources of information that doesn't merely mirror the Harper party line is The Toronto Star. In today's edition, Linda McQuaig provides some much-needed perspective on the current hyperbole peddled by the Prime Minister and his enablers.

Enjoy the read as her insights and views on the economic situation offer us the opportunity to be something more than subjects in one of Harper's many lab experiments.


  1. "regarding us as little more than Pavlovian creatures who will respond in a predictable way is we are given just the right stimulus."

    Watching the Canadian public in action, that sounds, sadly, just about right. Before Harper as first elected the Environment was a huge issue to most people and today it registers as significantly less important in most polls. This government has one profound lesson for future governments, to wit.: just stop talking about something, and no matter how important it is people will forget about it in a few weeks.

  2. I would that it were otherwise.