Friday, June 29, 2012

Why Peace Of Mind Eludes Me

Conventional wisdom says that as we get older, we become more introspective, philosophical and mellow.

This story and the following video are just two examples of why that tranquility has thus far eluded me.



  1. pot banging now is illegal according to the new para military police.....

    "Militarization of Police Forces" from:

    "New World Order Blueprint Leaked" which means: "total corporate global governance"


    were screwed

  2. Thank you for this link. The implications are profoundly disturbing.

  3. Yeah!

    Harper is a ummmm.....

  4. “Let me make this clear.” Brodie’s voice dropped a bit and he slowed. “I am telling you, you will not give any more media interviews. I am telling you, you will stop writing the blog. And I’m telling you that you’ll issue a press release today praising the Prime Minister’s appointment of Emerson. Are you clear?”

    we have been in a top down dictatorship for some time:

    2009? when will the great canadian snooze fest end?


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