Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Andrew Coyne On The Decline Of Parliament Under Harper

Despite his right-wing orientation, there has been unmistakable evidence in the work of Andrew Coyne this past year or so that conveys a clear disenchantment with the Harper regime. Using the sad spectacle of David Wilk's public humiliation, today in the National Post Coyne offers the re-education of the Kootenay-Columbia Conservative MP as an object lesson in how debased Parliamentary traditions have become under the nation's autocracy known as Harper Inc.


  1. Andrew Coyne has become one of the strongest defenders of our democracy. I don't agree with him on every issue, but I certainly respect his cogent reasoning about Harper's erosion of our parliamentary democracy.

  2. I defend any one who protects our democracy. Stephen Harper is been steadily trying to pull that carpet from underneath the "
    Canadian" people. Bill 38 is a real good example. When you have a majority government the power may go to someone's head. It is therefore I believe not good to have one person making all the decisions. Even if there is a caucus in place. They may not have anything to say either. Mr. Harper has the makings of a Dictator. Having lived in underdeveloped countries , you get a real good taste of what democracy is not about.