Thursday, April 5, 2012

Andrea Horwath's Dance With Dalton

While I continue to remain dubious of what will happen when the Ontario Legislature votes on Dalton McGuinty's budget, I give the leader of the Ontario NDP, Andrea Horwath, top marks for what she says are her demands for NDP support.

It is, however, interesting to note how her plan, especially regarding a two-point increase in the marginal tax rates for those earning more than $500,000 per annum, is being met. Today's editorial in The Hamilton Spectator is a case study of the reactionary mind. The writer, Howard Elliott, while claiming to endorse her noble goals of increasing day-care spaces and boosting social assistance rates, decries her methodology, dismissing any prospect of raising taxes on the rich as "blatant wealth redistribution and social engineering," code words undoubtedly designed to appeal to and provoke the extreme right-wing.

A much more mature and nuanced assessment is offered by The Star's Martin Regg Cohn. While giving approval of her initiative to put "taxes back on the agenda," he does offer an additional suggestion for the use of some of the monies raised - defraying the deficit.

A tale of two newspapers, and a telling distinction between the bush league and the major league players.

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  1. Why hasn't the NDP looked at the GEA? Ms.Horwath has calculated [guessed] that her tax proposal will raise $570 million. To assume that even if the Liberals agree, what assurances will be given that this windfall will go to where she suggests? Hello- We're dealing with Dalton McGuinty here.
    What is fact is that the GEA is paying out in direct subsidies to foreign controlled companies such as Samsung, Nextera, Pattern etc. etc., amounts totalling $330 million. That's over and above being paid for power generated and not required. The GEA forced the government to pay other jurisdiction to take our surplus power. The cost? $430 million in 2011
    This program is putting families into energy poverty affecting those on fixed incomes and diverting resources away from health and education. Planned hospital projects have been put on hold such as the emergency room at Kincardine hospital and the closing of Thistletown Regional Centre.
    Also look at Bill 55 the Liberals are trying to sneak through in the Budget. Essentially it guts many envirnmental laws such as the Endangered Species Act, and limits the power of the MoE and MNR.
    Taxing the rich is easy low-hanging fruit. Upon hearing this, I felt I was back in the 70's again. If Ms Horwath is to be taken seriously as a leader, she should bring these issues to the fore and show more in-depth creativity in dealing with Daltons Gang